Day to day

Let’s support the endangered species


There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.

Madeleine K. Albright

Overcrowded I suspect.

Wouldn’t that just be sweet if we did. Right. Women, supporting each other. Peachy. Glorious. Endearing even.

Yet the most vicious, manipulating and evil actions I have experienced, comes from women. But soft, subtle and almost like … I misunderstood. Maybe I did. Perhaps it was me, having a bad day, lack of sleep, stress … you name it. I mean, not would women actually do that to each other, right? Pretty, pink and sweet good girls as us?

Nevertheless, we do. This puzzles me still as I think back of my previous experience. Why do we fight each other? Isn’t it enough with all the unfairness we meet every day, but we have to add even more to it.

On the subject of support each other, welcome to the EQualified Engineer. Here you will find various observations about equality amongst engineers (the subject formerly known as discrimination). I am a female engineer with a Master in Electronics Engineering. As  you can guess or already experienced yourself, we are a rare breed. Under those circumstances, let us support the endangered species, shall we not?

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