New challenges are awaiting!

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.” ~ Rumi

New challenges are awaiting was intended to be posted previously, but as the title implies, I have been busy dealing with my recent career step up. The outcome of my recent salary negotiations were as mentioned very successful and I say this with the benefit of hindsight and with the benefit of my experience, I made the right choice of employer as well.

To sum up my experience, below are some useful advice I’d like to share which I found to be helpful, in particular to women in regards of chosing your future employer.

  1. Intuition
    First of all I would dare to say your first impression of your potenial boss is of high importance. Your boss is the one that can help you to grow, should back you up and give you opportunities to develop yourself. Will he or she be up to it? Even in challenging times? Also, minding they are most likely going to Google stalk you, so why not do the same? Do a proper background check, Google, LinkedIn etc. However, most important, what does your intuition tell you? Go with it!
  2. Employer
    Secondly, make sure you are choosing a good employer as well. Investigate what their values are as for gender equality, how are they doing financially? Brows their webpage and any other sites for information you find  useful. If possible, try to get references from employes. Also, what are their career options for women? Are there women on higher position?
  3. Colleagues
    LinkedIn is your friend! Find the employer and try to figure out who are employed at your company (or even potential department if possible). They will greatly affect your well-being at your workplace, how fun you will have and hopefully offer support with daily challenges. What are their education level, field of expertise, endorsement etc.
  4. Office environment
    In addition, some employers offers office landscape, some offers single office units. What are your potential employer offering you and most of all, what do you need to be productive?
  5. Duties
    In particular, women tend to avoid to even apply to positions that they might not fully match the employers work description. Don’t let it scare you off. Look at it as the employers wish list instead. They basically only know they need to employ a new resource and roughly what the position might require. However, if you match the basic education level and work field, you got there somehow, didn’t you? You got their by educating  yourself, learning new things right? This is exactly how a new position works too, you may not know all the details or have all the answers, but you will learn! You already shown your capability to learn new things by your education, that is good enough. Embrace the new and challenge yourself to take on new tasks instead.
  6. Conditions
    Also, what are they offering you? Decide in advance what is important to you. Is it vacation days, your salary, your work hours or other benefits? How much are you willing to negotiate if they fail to offer you something you prioritize?
  7. Salary
    Last but not least, your salary, negotiate as a women, remember? Not only is it important minding you have most likely educate yourself to be able to even apply for this position but it also reflects, how good the employer consider you to be. It reflects how much they think your time and skills are worth to them and most of all, yourself! After all, you are giving them your valuable time, hard work and knowledge. Do not sell yourself cheap!

This summarize my experience of how to step up on the career ladder, however I am sure there are plenty more experiences and good advice out there. Please share yours in the comment field below.

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