Have a little faith in me


All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

It is all in the packaging. In the workplace, the package is your gender. The shiny, glossy, promising high quality and superior conclusions are a man. Preferably tall. This packaging sells, everything! You simply do not say no to a gift wrapped in such a nice package. You have faith of what is given to you, faith that everything is just as it is shown, stated, presented. No questions asked, of course such a luxurious package must contain a high quality gift.

Pixie dust I would like to call it.

Therefor, how about ignoring the packaging and actually consider what is in there? How about review the content and not be blinded by the glossy paper? How about have a bit of faith in me, a female engineer? Provoking thoughts right?

For example, yesterday I experienced a situation at work where my manager where all covered in pixie dust, staring at the glossy package. My words where distrusted, hardly listen to. Even though, in the end, it was the same conclusion being delivered. How about have a bit of faith in me? Brush of the dazzling pixie dust and pay attention to the facts?

Especially considering the background of this particular issue, this male colleague of mine, did a mistake. I know, unbelievable, might not really be true even. Since not many could see through this nice surface and the product being delivered, they were all blindsided. I believe that they did not even question the previous results and conclusions being delivered, since they came from such a trusted source, the man, the shiny, glossy high quality packaging, the tall male engineer.

While me on the other hand, participating in a technical meeting, where new solutions where being discussed and later on bringing the result to the manager, stating that unfortunately no matter how we turn, we will not get out of this cheap and easy, but here is our conclusions and suggested how to go ahead to handle the issue.

Have a bit of faith in me? No, how could we. Questions asked, could it really be, are you really sure, was it really like that and perhaps let’s discuss it again minding my colleague does not fully agree with the senior engineers conclusions. Most important though, let’s ignore my colleagues mistake of not seeing this before could have prevented some of this costs and issues. Let’s ignore the fact that he is covering up his mistake by trashing the new solutions. Let’s just ignore the facts and conclusions I am stating. After all, I am just the woman.

Hence, allow him to cover us in pixie dust of what the nice packaging will bring us for superior gift. He is, in all, the man, right?

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