8 survival strategies to overachieving women formerly known as ‘good girls’

8 survival strategies to overachieving women formerly known as 'good girls' - The EQualified Engineer
Yes you can!

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.
~S. Sivananda

Always been the ‘good girl’, responsible and reliable, doing what you are told to do? Consistently strived for improvements to reach the next level in your career? Repeatedly relied on your usual survival technique to work just a bit harder, but lately realizing harder isn’t possible anymore?

Perhaps you recognize these words as being true to you?

Thankfully it is possible to change by a simple shift of your mindset. Below are 8 survival strategies I collected aimed to help overachieving women, formerly known as ‘good girls’.

1. Look for development opportunities

What are the options for you to grow, can you ask for being mentored or being coached, are there any possibilities for work shadowing or does your company offer skills training? Remember to ask your boss to be challenged with new opportunities, make it clearly known you are looking for development opportunities.

2. Choose boss if you can

As mentioned in this earlier post, carefully choose your boss if possible.  Compassion, transparency and understanding are personal traits to look for in a good boss which also will support and work to unlock your potential.

3. Know yourself

Identify what you need to grow and what makes you feel valuable. Evaluate your workplace, is your company providing these things or make them available? If not, demand them for your own growth. If your requests are being ignored, change employer. Your time is too valuable to be wasted on an employer that doesn’t give you tools or space to grow.

4. Celebrate success

When things go well, celebrate it! Applaud yourself, say to yourself how proud you are over your achievement and celebrate it with something you enjoy.

5. Do not judge yourself too hard

No one is perfect. No one. Not even you, the overachieving good girl. In the end, we are all just humans with our flaws and incapacities. Don’t be your own worst enemy, be your own best friend instead!

6. Deliver where the receiver believes it is important

I know this one will be hard to face for all you former ‘good girls’. Take a deep breath and say after me – ‘It is ok to not supply 100%’. Shocking? Outrageous? No. It is just ‘good enough’. Remember this, it is not about you! It is all about the recipient.

To give 80% of your work capacity is ok if the recipient is satisfied. Where you see opportunities appear, development options and similar, you put in 110% work. Simple as that. Don’t be an overachiever where it doesn’t count for the recipient. Be smart and use your energy wisely.

Again, a last time, calling all ‘good girls’! Deep breath and repeat after me – ‘It is ok to not supply 100%’ as long as it is good enough’!

7. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn something new

Do not grieve over things that happens, over mistakes you feel you have made. Just shake it off, move on and remember sometimes you win, sometimes you learn something new. That is all to it.

8. Success will come, be patient

Keep calm, work hard and strategically towards your goals. If you are doing all that you can, results will show and success will come.

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